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  • Stainless steel sintered felt mesh
  • Stainless steel sintered felt mesh
  • Stainless steel sintered felt mesh

Stainless steel sintered felt mesh

Stainless Steel Sintered fiber felt is made of extremely fine stainless steel fiber ( micron grade ) by sintering in high temperature after special non-woven matching and laying.It can achieve higher filtering rating and larger holding capacity,and larger filter area,and can keep the filtering working continuously.

Product Description:


Stainless steel sintered felt to maintain the role of filter cloth filter, and a three-dimensional mesh, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area, therefore, stainless steel sintered felt effectively overcome the metal mesh easy to plug, vulnerable to defects, with temperature, resistance Pressure, corrosion-resistant features, is the ideal high-precision filter material.



 316L,316,310S,304,pure-nickel, Metal Fiber etc








Round, Square, candle-shaped, wave-like etc.


Heat resistance, Oxidation resistance, Strong thermal shock, No water absorption, Long service life


Dust removal of high-temperature gas, Metallurgy industry, Electric power industry, Automobile exhaust gas filtration, Boiler improvement etc.


It is made by weaving specific wire in predetermined patterns to form apertures of different shapes and sizes.


Packing Details:


Plastic bag+wooden case, or according to buyer's requirement.


sintered filter tube package


Products show:


Stainless steel or special alloys as raw material, we have been dedicating to select the best material to fit any application, especially in extreme environment.

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