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  • Decorative Metal Chain Mesh Curtain
  • Decorative Metal Chain Mesh Curtain

Decorative Metal Chain Mesh Curtain

Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, brass, copper, phosphor bronze , low carbon steel etc

Wire diameter: 0.5–2 mm

Aperture size: 4-20mm

Open area: 40– 85%

Weight: 4.2–6 kg/m2.

Surface treatment: anodic oxidation and spray paint

Colors: silver, brass yellow, black, red, purple, bronze, gray, etc.

Product Description:


Metal mesh is a new kind of decoration materials, Metal mesh curtain is very flexible and roll-able in length, as the mesh is simple structure, graceful lines, appealing design, economical and practical and easy to install, Metal curtains have been increasingly recognized and approved by more and more designers and property owners. has been widely used in architecture. Such as curtains, space dividers, wall cladding, stage background, ceiling decoration, public architectonic art in shopping mall,Restaurant,hall,Commercial office,Hotel,Bar,Resting room,Exhibition and etc.


Stainless/ Copper/ Aluminum Decorative Metal Chain Mesh Curtain