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  • Stainless Steel Cable mesh & Tube Frame
  • Stainless Steel Cable mesh & Tube Frame
  • Stainless Steel Cable mesh & Tube Frame
  • Stainless Steel Cable mesh & Tube Frame

Stainless Steel Cable mesh & Tube Frame

stainless steel cable mesh is made of 316 Stainless Steel Wire Cable and ferrule, it is extremely resistant to corrosion, even in the harshest offshore conditions,Unlike other safety nets made from synthetic rope / webbing or PVC coated fencing mesh,stainless steel cable mesh can be used more than 30 years.

Product Description:


Stainless steel wire rope mesh will not burn or melt and will not deteriorate with exposure to UV rays or bird guano. With up to 30 years service life, stainless steel safety net panels are light-weight, pre-fabricated in any shape or size ready to install, and can be installed without scaffolding, we also can provide the tools and fittings  .


Wire diameter: 1.0-4.0mm
Mesh size: 20*20-300*300mm
Material: Stainless steel 304,314L,316,316L etc.
Type: Ferrule or Knotted
Wire structure: 7*7 or 7*19 according the wire diameter.
Angle: 60-90 degrees
Application: safety structures, stairways, walkways, zoo enclosures etc


Two types of stainless steel wire rope mesh


316 Statinless steel safety nets system Feature:


1.Stainless steel cable mesh is light, and has good softness, easy to install.

2.All of the parameters for Stainless steel cable mesh can be modified according to customer's requirement.

3.It is made of high quality stainless steel wire, It is strong, corrosion-resistant, possessing extremely high load capacity.

4.Its service life can reach several tens of years, and the maintenance cost is very low.

5.Stainless steel cable mesh has diamond-shape openings, smooth surface and beautiful appearance, High Perspective, To provide protection without affecting the appreciation of the landscape.

6.It’s green, no any pollution, easy to clean.


Products show:


stainless steel balustrades mesh


marine-grade 316 stainless wire rope mesh


stainless steel security mesh


stainless steel fencing and balustrade mesh

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