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Posts are manufactured from steel tubular section with threaded inserts for fixing the steel mesh clips. Additional fixings are provided to accommodate stepping where the fence is installed.steel fence posts can be offered either for erecting by setting in concrete, or with welded baseplates for bolting down.

Products show:


The vineyard post is mainly used in vineyard, orchard, grape manor, agriculture plantation and farming


Vineyard post


Vineyard post in the field


Square post with or without plate is a hollow pipe device works for holding almost kinds of wire mesh fences, such as barriers of securing highways, railways, and roads.


Square post without flange plate


Square post with ears


Round post, also a kind of fence post, is widely used and various sizes and shapes are available.


Round post


PVC coated round post


Peach shape post, named from its peach-shaped cross section, is a new kind of fence post with fashion design. Its elegant appearance, wide applications, and convenient installation.


Peach shaped posts without flange plates

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